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How to Plan Your Career Path

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Modules in How to Plan Your Career Path

Learn how to plan your career path.


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Comments & Reviews

  • Sokhon Sea Cambodia It's great course; how it would ever more better if the course is also available in text. 2014-08-21 03:08:48
  • Tim Wells United States of America Pretty good overview. 2014-08-20 21:08:19
  • Ahmed Mokhtar Ali Egypt great course . i had fun :) 2014-08-19 17:08:26
  • Ahmed Mokhtar Ali Egypt great course 2014-08-19 17:08:23
  • Ahmed Mokhtar Ali Egypt That was a fantastic course , i have learnt a lot of things and i found my passion to choose my career. 2014-08-19 17:08:48
  • DANIELE OLIVEIRA DE ARAUJO United Kingdom Very interesting. 2014-08-19 16:08:13
  • TONIA CHAMBERLAIN United States of America Very informative. 2014-08-15 17:08:02
  • Dulith Perera Sri Lanka It is an excellent overview of the entire subject and I was able to learn several different things related to my career path. 2014-08-15 09:08:11
  • Mohammed Yasser Albakri Syrian Arab Republic It's a nice course, I gained a few new idea from it, but it is still a general course, and as I found it's more about how negotiation will affect your career path, than how to create and decide one. thanks for your effort in making this course, it was really valuable :) 2014-08-14 06:08:49
  • Qasim Raza Pakistan The career path encompasses both the employee's desired destination and the steps, experience, and development he or she will need to make progress on the journey. A career path gives the employee a sense of direction, a way to assess career progress, and career goals and milestones. 2014-08-08 16:08:12
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How to Plan Your Career Path

Get advice on how to plan your career path.

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