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Drug-Free Workplace

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Comments & Reviews

  • Jarrett Gannon United States of America Rather basic introduction, but the essential info needed. 2014-11-28 15:11:44
  • Nani Gopal Das India good initiative to let learn others free of cost 2014-11-27 17:11:55
  • Jeanine Long [[-]] Good information 2014-11-20 18:11:22
  • Sam CarMal United Kingdom This course was a quick and easy to achieve 100% pass mark taster. Some good general knowledge and great basic education for anyone who knows very little about Drugs and the workplace. im lucky that I work in addiction so I know the differences in behaviour etc. for different drugs and that many things are addictive and we all have an addiction of one sort or another. What's yours? Mine is Cheese but I only have it twice a week. This course would provide someone with little or no knowledge with a sound basis for what goes on and a few hints into how addicts manage their work life balance, non existent when they became hard and fast addicts! 2014-11-11 04:11:17
  • Alaa Mohamed Egypt معلومات طبية وإختبارات عن الدواء 2014-11-07 17:11:43
  • Alaa Mohamed Egypt معلومات طبية وإختبارات عن الدواء 2014-11-07 17:11:52
  • Alaa Mohamed Egypt معلومات هامة وإختبارات عن مدى معرفتك بالدواء 2014-11-07 17:11:42
  • Kayla Thompson United States of America When workers, managers, and supervisors are very careful and aknowlegable when it comes to an employee using drugs and how it can affect the company or business and try their best to handle the situation before the problem becomes worst and before someone gets hurt because of the drug abuse. 2014-11-06 02:11:26
  • Christine Holleran Other Often people don't know the risks involved with taking drugs, it starts off with maybe a minor use in the beginning but then end up being more dependency. Often people may know they have a problem but don't know what to do about it and by having a workplace that has both understanding and referal system they can seek help 2014-10-31 13:10:17
  • Christine Holleran Other The importance of a drug-free workplace it extremely important because if you are under the influence you not only put your live at risk but in a safety enviromnment you also place your colleagues safety at risk. It is important also that your colleagues know the warning signs so that you can get assistance before your life is ruined. Education is a key factor, the person taking the drugs may think everything is okay but there are serious side efects which while under the influence he is not aware of. 2014-10-31 13:10:35
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Drug-Free Workplace

Learn how to recognise signs of drug misuse in the workplace

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