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Reviews and Comments about Diploma in Psychology Course - Page 1

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Diploma in Psychology

ALISON's free online Diploma in Psychology is an engaging course, and is packed with features to help students understand and evaluate classic and contemporary psychology. It is ideal for those who want to gain comprehensive understanding of the main elements of psychology, and will be of great benefit to students in their career progression.

Topics covered include classical conditioning, learning theory, the biological basis of behaviour, visual perceptions, memory, and cognition.

The Research Methodology section allows students to cast a critical eye on the research process, to explore the nature of psychology as an evolving science, and understand some of the ethical issues faced by psychologists.


Comments & Reviews

  • Monica Jackson United States of America nice 2014-07-27 17:07:14
  • Liam Skillen United Kingdom thought this was a great course and cant wait to do another, would certainly recommend. 2014-07-27 13:07:55
  • Maudie Massey United States of America This course was very informative , and I was able to learn at my own pace . 2014-07-17 19:07:41
  • Patricia Godden-husbands United Kingdom This was a very good learning course. I work with dementia patients and the resources were useful for my practice. 2014-07-12 12:07:29
  • Awuni Apuko Peter Ghana Psychology is one course I love to learn to the highest level possible, I belief that psychology is very important. Human interaction is inevitable are our lifespan and this certificate serves as a complement. 2014-07-11 16:07:04
  • Lissa Wadiamu Ijudigal Jidayi Nigeria I have just completed the diploma in Psychology course and it was very enlightening. I now have a broader insight the Psychology field and I am now prepared to take my studies further to the Undergraduate level. 2014-07-08 20:07:22
  • Denise Benedict United States of America so far it is a great review and learning experience 2014-07-08 02:07:13
  • Kulasekaran Krishnan India I have completed my course 2014-07-08 02:07:21
  • Mohamad Adam Mohamed Somalia I'm very interesting to start this course, cause o i like psychology very much, So I will complete the course, If Allah Wills. 2014-07-03 07:07:03
  • Vinay Mahajan India Comprehensive Content and nicely presented! Enjoyed very much! 2014-07-02 21:07:38
  • Biju Antony Methala United Kingdom it was very nice to study about various fields of human behaviours. 2014-06-30 11:06:58
  • Muhamud Mugisha Kihiro Uganda since i started this course diploma in psychology i have been exposed to different psychological concepts and theories Alison has had well designed notes, simple to be understood with well illustrated diagrams that adds flesh to the bone in the notes.The arrangement of the topics is quite interesting since they follow chronological order . however in my own opinion topics should be accompanied by videos to serve as supplement. I really thank this initiative of Alison to have provided this course free of charge for a poor man like me here in Uganda would have been left out to understanding basic psychological concepts due lack of funding. Alison team deserves all may you live by your mission and vision . 2014-06-28 00:06:43
  • Emma Dowd Australia Great overview for someone wishing to revise previous psyvhology knowledge 2014-06-25 02:06:53
  • Marcela Mellado Luengo Chile Psychology is a very interesting topic, but sometimes it is thought to be highly complicated to understand certain terms. However, this course explains most of those terms in an easy and simple way. Also it contains some images and videos which help me to understand better the written explanations. 2014-06-20 03:06:48
  • Lissa Wadiamu Ijudigal Jidayi Nigeria My psychology course was thought provoking and very enlightening. 2014-06-19 18:06:28
  • JOHN THATA Kenya Diploma in psychology equips the learner with fundamental insight regarding individual's behavioral and cognitive traits which are adversely affected by the surrounding environments. 2014-06-19 12:06:22
  • Temitope Joseph Adams Nigeria Its an eye-opener into the world of man and nature; and its operations. It had been interesting and mind blowing. Thanks ALISON. 2014-06-12 13:06:32
  • Donna Maccuish United Kingdom i found this course very interesting and learnt alot from it and enjoyed studying 2014-06-11 12:06:19
  • Angela Hales United Kingdom brill 2014-06-08 23:06:15
  • Nimmy Seby India It is a wonderful and enlightening course 2014-06-08 04:06:09