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Reviews and Comments about Diploma in Project Management Course - Page 1

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Diploma in Project Management

This free online diploma-level course from ALISON offers a comprehensive review of project management such as methodology, toolsets and documentation, and the project life cycle including analysis, planning, design and evaluation.

The course also includes a project management case study.

With qualifications in Project Management in great demand internationally, this Diploma course will greatly enhance your career prospects.


Comments & Reviews

  • Owamah Blessing chika Nigeria This course gives detailed outlines on what it entails. it is self explanatory and a good boost for my career. 2014-10-15 20:10:56
  • Usiere Essien Nigeria Best Course to take 2014-10-15 15:10:40
  • Owen Malimba Malawi I believe this course will enable me to manage projects in NGO's working in my country and change peoples lives in the community. 2014-09-30 21:09:23
  • Pascal Ricordeau France Overall good 2014-09-30 17:09:12
  • Ararso Bayisa Ethiopia I thank ALISON for providing course in Project Management. Though the course is much focused on ICT project, it is very helpful for other projects to be conducted at NGO, business, ....,education sectors. 2014-09-30 10:09:21
  • Otyang Robson Uganda Very interesting, easy to learn and very educative. 2014-09-25 16:09:57
  • Tilahun Geberehiwot Ethiopia I will have a good time in learning project management. 2014-09-24 13:09:22
  • Tilahun Geberehiwot Ethiopia It is good to learn project management . 2014-09-24 13:09:39
  • Tilahun Geberehiwot Ethiopia At the end of the course I will have adequate knowledge of Project Management ! 2014-09-24 13:09:45
  • Tilahun Geberehiwot Ethiopia Learning project management is very important for the person like me. Because my work is highly related with project management so it will help me to upgrade my knowledge and skill in project management and also I will see the gap I had in relation to project management from learning from ALISON. 2014-09-24 13:09:30
  • Fodie Musa Sheriff Sierra Leone This is an opener to management theories and their applications using the case studies 2014-09-23 17:09:17
  • Okogbe Emmanuel Nigeria I have learned the different phases of Project Management, and it has enhanced my understanding of what is involved in project management. 2014-09-17 22:09:32
  • Ajay Vikram Singh India Fantastic 2014-09-16 20:09:01
  • Muhammad Adeel Javaid Pakistan Very interesting and useful. 2014-09-16 17:09:04
  • Ernest Simataa Lwila Namibia This the best course ever 2014-09-15 10:09:16
  • Mursal Warsame Djibouti if i talk my opinion i would like to learn this very important opportunity,course, that my i develop with my experts 2014-09-13 08:09:00
  • AKINNIYE LAWRENCE Nigeria Well detail and precise. 2014-09-12 17:09:03
  • Aung Kyaw Minn Myanmar I need project management. 2014-09-07 04:09:21
  • AKINNIYE LAWRENCE Nigeria I just enrolled and am very pleased with what I have read in Project Management (Methodology, Toolset and Document) 2014-09-05 16:09:27
  • Musa Leonard DLAMINI Swaziland This program is too good for everyone in any field of operation. Thank you very much Alison, you came at the right time. I think Alison should be useful the entire Swazi Nation. 2014-09-03 15:09:03