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The MOLE concept - Diploma in General Science

The MOLE concept - Diploma in General Science

The MOLE concept

This free online course is a review of the mole concept and covers topics such as the mass-mole relationship.

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Calculations associated with chemical analysis by chemical reactions; the MOLE concept
The mole concept
Molar mass
Mass - mole relationship
Significant figures
The mole concept and aqueous solutions
Volume - mole - concentration relationship
The volume-mole-concentration - activity 3
The mole - number of particles relationship
The mole-number of particles relationship - activity 4
The mole concept and gases - the general gas equation
Molar volume
Molar volume - activity 7
Molar volume - activity 8
A summary of mole relationships
Mole relationships - activity 9
Significant figures
Significant figures - activity 10

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