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Reviews and Comments about Fundamentals of Anatomy - Shoulder and Upper Limb Course - Page 1

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Fundamentals of Anatomy - Shoulder and Upper Limb

The shoulder is the joint that has the greatest range of movement in the human body but it is also the most unstable. It is a powerful and flexible joint that allows for a diverse set of movements by the arm. Most common injuries to the shoulder joint are rotator cuff tears and bone fractures which are due to the instability of the joint. In this free online anatomical course you will examine the anatomy of the shoulder joint, the upper arm, the lower arm and finally the hand. Each area is dissected using 3D software to present all the various anatomical structures such as muscles, ligaments and bones which make up the shoulder, arm and hand. This free online anatomical course will be of great interest to medical, physiotherapy and science students who would like a greater knowledge and understanding of the anatomy of the shoulder and upper limb, and also to all learners who would like to explore the anatomical structure of the human body.


Comments & Reviews

  • Donna Gonzalez United States of America Course Module: Module 1: Fundamentals of Anatomy - Shoulder and Upper Limb
    Course Topic: Rotator Cuff
    Comment: learning about the rotator cuff and its parts 2012-11-20 18:11:31